Real estate investment decisions can seem like navigating through turbulent waters.

You've made it to Stillwater.

The greatest mitigation of risk in any real estate investment is experience. Stillwater Equity Partners and its affiliates benefit from our decades of learned expertise in real estate of every kind throughout the United States. We've acted as the developer for a diverse set of assets, and as an active provider of both debt and equity capital to third-party sponsors on development projects.
As principals, we've completed major rehabilitations on a variety of property types, as well as ground-up construction. In addition, we provide short and medium-term preferred equity financing for recapitalization of individual projects.
Our depth of experience allows us to take an active role in creating value and we've built a track record of repositioning real estate assets through the use of creative capital structures. Additionally, our streamlined management team and aggressive posture means we execute rapidly, often underwriting and closing deals in less than 30 days.
Stillwater's staff is very knowledgeable and capable in all aspects of the real estate industry. Our staff are versed in acquisitions, finance, planning, design, entitlements, construction management, asset management, marketing and sales. We're not limited by market locations; our projects are located all over the nation from Hawaii to the U.S. Virgin Islands.
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